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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Prototype photos

The prototype for v10 is ready for Spielbany.  This one took a lot of time to assemble.  And as we all know, graphic design is not my forte.  Anyway, here it is:

Zoom in on the game board:

Some highlights:
The temple.  Currently made up of 25 rooms, although that's easy to change.  "Red" cards are those that contain a testable feature; "Black" cards, those that don't.  I didn't anticipate how the red/black would give a checkerboard appearance.  Oh well.  The player's perspective is from above the room looking down.  Most of the rooms have 3 exits (the little yellow things), so there's some route planning but little likelihood that a room will be completely unreachable.  The colored circles are "spawn points" for the Operatives, and there are icons for noise (lower left), traps (lower right), items (upper right) and phobias (upper left), but those are hard to see in this photo.

The enemy operatives.  I just picked photos from the films for these guys for now, but each has a special power and a sub-location type in which he is (potentially) active.  They're in a row of 6, and at any time some or all may be "activated" (face-up).

 The interrogator.  Not aesthetically pretty, but this little puppy will reduce the production costs dramatically compared to the (beautiful) board of the previous version.   It's shown with the "True Grail" card inserted to show "Grail 6" through the window.  You'd then flip the interrogator over, and through the little window on the back, you see whether it says "yes" or "no".  No need for red masking/rubylith (although it could still include that for added security).

It's big enough that we may need to physically remove the board from the table when the temple phase starts; maybe, though clumsy, the players who enter the temple first just wait and count the turns of the other players, then they get that many "free" turns once the temple phase starts, before resuming the normal turn sequence.


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