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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gameplay examples for v10

Maybe it helps to illustrate some of the ideas from the previous post with a sample turn.  Because the structure is quite different inside and outside the temple, we'll walk through a sample turn for both cases.  Players are Henry, Marion, Abner, and Rene.


Henry begins his turn in London, a circle city.  He receives his customary 4 white chips and 3 black chips, and he also receives 3 adventure cards (because he's in a circle city).  He notices that the theme card "Grail Diary" is in nearby Bucharest, and that the Diary gives bonus check marks if a player carries a Map; and, there is a Map card available in Eastern Europe, but he must travel to a triangle city and pass an Encounter at a "Ruins" sub-location.

Henry's first action is to move to Ankarra.  He must pay 2 AP to make such a long trip, and he discards one white chip.  He also places an enemy cube in Ankarra, the fourth cube in that city.

His second action is to face an Encounter; he discards a second white chip.  The top Encounter card is a Tomb; he pays 1 AP to view the next card, another Tomb; he pays one more AP, and the third card is a Ruin.  He chooses to face this one.  He flips the card over.  He faces an Escape 4 challenge.

As he flips the card over, the other players look at the card; Marion observes snakes in the illustration, and calls out "snakes!", which is Henry's Phobia.  Henry must add 2 to the difficulty of the challenge, making it Escape 6.  Luckily, he has a Whip card, and an ally with a +2 Whip rating, which, along with one additional AP card, enables him to pass the challenge. 

Upon passing the challenge, he receives the "Map" Item card.  He checks the Enemy Operatives card row to see if the "purple" operative is active.  He is, so Henry must add one black chip to the cup.

His third action is to travel to Bucharest (he discards a third white chip).  Bucharest and Ankarra are adjacent so he need not pay AP to complete the move, but of course he does add a black cube to Bucharest.  This is the fifth black cube in Bucharest, so Henry must flip over the next Enemy Operative in the card row; it reveals the Blue operative.  He replaces the five cubes with a large cube -- the city is now "pegged".

His fourth action is to face an Encounter in Bucharest, a pentagon city (he discards a fourth white chip).  The Diary indicates that it can be found in a Castle, and the top card in the pentagon Encounter deck is a Castle, so he flips the card over and faces the challenge, which turns out to be Wits 3. 

As he flips the card over, the other players look at the card; Henry quickly observes that the illustration depicts an open map on a table, and he announces this, authorizing him to place a white chip on his recently-acquired Map card. 

He pays 3 AP to pass the challenge, and receives the reward for the card, which is to remove one enemy cube from the city(*).  The "gray" enemy operative card that corresponds to this sub-location is inactive, so he does not need to take an action pertaining to the operative.

He may now, by virtue of passing the encounter, "visit" the Diary card as a free action, and receives its 3 check marks in the "temple features" category.  He additionally discards the white chip from his Map card (in place of discarding the Map itself), and receives the bonus 2 check marks in the Location category.  This puts him at a total of 6 check marks in that category, authorizing him to read the level 2 clue, which he does -- it tells him "The Grail was carried from Alexandretta to Cairo".  He is unable to add an enemy cube to the city because it is "pegged", so instead he adds a black chip to the cup.

Henry has no further white chips, so he executes the final phase of the turn.  He is in Bucharest, which contains 5 enemy, so he must pull five chips from the cup.  He adds all of the black chips accumulated during the turn to the cup, as well as the "purple" and "blue" chips, since those two Enemy Operatives are active.

His first three pulls are black chips, so he reduces the enemy progress track by 3.  His fourth pull is the "blue" chip, which activates the blue enemy operative.  His power is to add 2 enemy cubes to the city.  Since the city is already pegged, Henry simply adds 2 black chips to the cup.  His fifth and final pull is another black chip, so he reduces the enemy progress track one more space, and his turn ends.  He empties the cup in preparation of the next player's turn.

(*) He can't remove a black cube from the city, so he simply receives one from the supply, for the purposes of final scoring.


Henry begins a turn at the Entrance to the temple, which contains a Treasure chest, so he receives 1 adventure card.  He also receives the customary four white chips and three black chips.

He begins by entering the room to his right, flipping the card over as he enters and discarding one white chip.  It shows a "noise" icon, so he adds a yellow chip to the cup.  It also contains a "Map" icon, and since he holds a map card, he adds a white chip to the Map card.

Next, he moves to the room above him, discarding a second white chip.  It has a "trap" icon, so he adds a blue chip to the cup.  It also contains a purple circle.  Since the purple enemy agent is activated (ie the card is face-up), and not currently in the temple, he adds the purple pawn to this space.  He also adds a black chip to the cup, because he is in a room with an enemy operative.

Third, he moves to the room to his right, discarding a third white chip.  He knows that this room contains a Feature (because the back-printing is dark red), and hopes it will contain the Throne feature, which he knows opens the Grail Room.  Unfortunately, the room contains the "Rope" feature, and he chooses not to activate it.

He adds his remaining white chip to the cup.  He is required to pull only one chip, since only one operative is currently present in the temple.  The chip is a Yellow chip, which pulls all operatives one space closer to him, so the purple operative is moved into the room he occupies.  Nothing happens, but the next time the operatives are activated, instead of moving, this operative will activate the Rope and determine its effect.  Should it test for the grail room (although we know that it won't), the enemy progress track would be advanced by 5.  

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